April 2014

A workshop on Research Methodology was conducted by the faculty for the students. This helped them to pursue their action Research Projects with the right perspective. 

Anweshan organised Paper Reading Sessions for the benefit of students and teacher educators. The Session  was chaired by Dr Cecilia Carvalho, Principal, St Gonsalo Garcia College. Papers were presented by Dr Elvina Pereira( St Xavier's Institute of Edducation) Dr Sandhya Khedekar (Thakur College of Education and Research), Dr Joan Lopes (St Teresa's Institute of Education), Dr Sheetal Chaudhari ( Pushpanjali College of Education) Dr Helen Jadhav (Pushpanjali College of Education)

 Dr Sheetal Chaudhari presented a paper on Peace Education in Secondary Schools ’.

Dr Helen Jadhav presented a paper ‘A Study Of Life Skills Found In Adolescents In Selected English And Marathi Secondary Schools In Virar To Vasai Belt’.

Dr Joan Lopes presented a paper ‘A Critical study of educational values reflected in Sane Guruji’s literature’

Dr Sandhya Khedekar presented a paper on ICT Education in State Board and ICSE schools. 

Dr Elvina Pereira presented a paper on Vision and Mission of Educational Institutions  . 

April 2016

The Annual Paper Reading Session of Anweshan Research Cell held on the 30th of April 2016 was chaired by Dr Aruna Samant, Lecturer, Thomas Baptista Junior College. Over 50 participants benefited from the session where multidisciplinary topics were presented. 

Dr Aruna Samant presented her paper on 'Standardization of Achyranthes aspera Linn.Stem using Pharmacognostic and Phytochemical Evaluation'. In this paper she discussed how she standardised procedures of the common herb which holds great promise for many diseases. Indeed a laudable step towards systematic application of indigenous knowledge regarding medicinal plants. 

Ms Sneha DSouza presented the detailed use of Project RISE which has evolved into an educational App that can be used for inservice teacher development. Small increments lead to gradual changes and thus great teachers can be shaped through observation and feedback cycles. 

Dr Cerena D'Cunha's paper elaborated on Vroom's Expectancy Theory wherein she discussed how student teacher performance is enhanced by motivation. the paper gave insights into how to use motivation to leverage teacher performance. 

Dr Sonia Nunes  elucidated how transformational leadership and school health play a vital role with respect to organisational climate of the educational institution. Truly, if our educational institutions are led by visionary leaders, the entire educational system stands to gain. 

Ms Cindrella D'Mello dwelt on different aspect of political socialization and discussed how students pursuing different vocational courses vary with respect to their levels of political socialization.The paper made us aware of the need to consider the right type of political socialization that is required to ensure a successful democracy. 

The participants were enriched through this experience where a platter of research from multiple disciplines were  presented. 

Dr Aruna Samant and Dr Sonia Nunes were felicitated on account of their recently awarded doctoral degrees.