Anweshan is the Research Cell of Pushpanjali College of Education. The cell organises the following activities:

  1. Research Paper Reading Sessions
  2. Research Methodology Course for students
  3. Rendering guidance to those pursuing research
  4. Encouraging faculty to carry out research and publish research findings
Doctoral Researches of faculty members

Dr Mariamma Joseph : A Comparative study of motivational Needs of Secondary school Teachers of Vasai Virar and Suburban Mumbai (guided by Dr Mehroo Bengalee)

Dr Sheetal Chaudhari:A Critical Study Of The Nature Of Peace Education In Selected English And Marathi Medium  Schools  Established In Urban Area (Guided by Dr Usha Rao) 

Dr Mabel Pimenta : Development of programme for Emotional Intelligence of Secondary School students
(Guided by Dr Veena Deshmukh)

Dr Helen Jadhav : A Study Of Life Skills Found In Adolescents In Selected English And Marathi Secondary Schools In Virar To Vasai Belt (Guided by Dr Usha Rao)

Dr Agnes D'Costa : A Study of the Relationship Between Multiple Intelligences and Teacher Effectiveness of Secondary School Teachers (Guided by Dr Veena Deshmukh)

Researches conducted  by Faculty


Title: Open Education Resources in Teacher Education

Researchers:Dr Agnes D'Costa, Dr Sheetal Chaudhari, Ms Angelina Nunes
This research was recognised as an innovative practice Teacher Education by NCERT in 2012.  (Paper published)


Title: ‘Development of Modules for development of Intelligence of Adolescent Tribal Girls’
Researcher: Dr Mabel Pimenta

Minor Research Project , University of Mumbai, 2012-13
(paper published)

Title: Use of Blended Learning in Development of Multiple Intelligences of Pre Service Teachers
Researcher: Dr Agnes D'Costa

Minor Research Project , University of Mumbai, 2012-13
(paper published)


Dr Sheetal Chaudhari:

Dr Mabel Pimenta

Ms. Angelina Nunes
• Personal Transformation through Transactional Analysis

Dr Helen Jadhav

Dr Agnes DCosta

* Collaborative researches with students

Title: Preparation and Usage of Training Package on Inclusive Education (2010)
Researchers: Dr Mabel Pimenta, Dr Mariamma Joseph, Dr Helen Jadhav

Title: Development of Modules of Geography for Content Enrichment of Students (2010)
Researcher: Dr Mabel Pimenta

Title:A Study Of The Relationship Between Teaching Styles Of Student-Teachers And Their Performance In Practice Teaching Lessons   (2011)
Researcher: Dr Agnes D'Costa  (Paper Published)

Title: Development of Global Perspective through Online Discussion (2010)
Researcher: Dr Agnes D'Costa  (Paper Published)

Title:Constructivist Approach to Teacher Education vis-a-vis Online Learning (2011)
Researchers: Dr Agnes D'Costa, Dr Sheetal Chaudhari and Ms Angelina Nunes (Paper Published)